5 Trendy Bathroom Products With Timeless Appeal

trendy bathroom products

If you’ve always dreamed of remodeling your master bathroom, you’re not alone. Some 60% of homeowners include bathroom upgrades in their list of long-term plans, and there’s never been a better time to jump in than right now. With home sales relatively flat, tons of homeowners are instead choosing to invest in home and bathroom renovation instead.

So how do you design a killer bathroom? Today’s trendy bathroom products are a combination of modern luxury and timeless appeal that will give your remodel a look to last through the ages. Consider these hot trends as you plan for your new high end bathroom design.

  • Glass Showers
    There’s nothing more sleek and modern than a glass frameless shower door, so it’s no surprise that it’s also one of the most popular options for bathroom remodels. Some 79% of home owners prefer these types of showers compared the the conventional shower curtain, which can look tacky in a master bathroom. Glass shower doors are easy to clean and make you feel like you’re at a spa every morning.
  • Dimmer Lighting
    Set the mood according to your bathroom needs. For a relaxing evening bath, you can set the dimmers low; for close shaving or applying makeup in the morning, give yourself a flattering light. Your time spent on self-care can significantly impact the rest of your day, and so will the lighting you choose.
  • Energy Efficient Toilets
    Trendy bathroom products aren’t just about design. They’re also about being eco-conscious and environmentally friendly. An overwhelming amount (91%) of bathroom remodelers plan to switch to energy efficient toilets with their upgrades. It’s a responsible choice both financially and environmentally.
  • Heated Floors
    Hate the feeling of stepping out of a warm shower to cold tile floors? Give your toes extra comfort with radiant floor heating, which has recently become more affordable than ever and relatively simple to install. Your feet will thank you every morning.
  • Quality Cabinets
    Nothing contributes more to the aesthetic of a bathroom space than its cabinets. The shabby old Formica cabinets are out, and quality wood cabinets with granite tops are in. Whether you’re going for rustic or modern, new cabinets can transform a bathroom space without a drastic overhaul.

Make your remodeling dreams come true this year. Build a comforting space that will see you through many happy years to come. Today’s trendy bathroom products are tomorrow’s timeless pieces. There’s never been a better time to revamp your bathroom space and reinvigorate your home life along with it.

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