Should I Refinish My Hardwood Floors?

This is a very common question that we receive from home owners. Most have invested a fair amount of money in their existing hardwood floors and don’t want to feel like it went to waste by buying new hardwood floors. But then, on the flip side of the coin, are the existing hardwood floors still good enough to be refinished and look like new? This is not always an easy question to answer. A lot of different factors come into play, such as how old the boards are. Have they been refinished before? If so, how many times? Is the existing hardwood solid or engineered? How deep are some of the scratches? The list goes on and on.

However, a large majority of the time, hardwood floors can be refinished. It all depends on what you, the home owner, would want to go through and have as a finished result. This article from HGTV illustrates this point a little more in detail:

Now, when it comes to that finished look…remember, hardwood only looks new on the day it’s new. That is a general rule in home improvements. Everything looks great on day one. You should think of a newly refinished hardwood floor as a touch up to the existing hardwood. It will definitely look beautiful and stand out as a centerpiece in your home. So when deciding which direction to take with your hardwood floors, simply consider what look you are going for and your decision should work out just fine.
For your additional knowledge, different companies have different methods for sanding and refinishing hardwood flooring. Here is a link to show one of the methods:,,20333774,00.html.