Your Carpet: Repair It or Replace It?

On a daily basis, a majority of home owners will see their carpet rippling. Some will see their seams splitting apart and even some will the edges of the carpet lifting up from the walls. This is reality and what’s worse is that these home owners will choose to live with it. Why would they do that? That’s because they believe their only option is to buy new carpet and they want to avoid that expense.

Well, it is not their only option. Most carpets can be re-stretched. Re-stretching carpet is actually a simple repair that can be done. The details of re-stretching can be found at This should give you an idea of what to expect.

Seam repair is a simple task for a trained, professional carpet installer. However, it is not considered a DIY project. So, it is best to find a reputable installer or installation company that you trust for this quick fix. Still, to show you how simple the process can be, take a look at This will give you a guideline of what to expect when you have this done in your home.

Repairing carpet is not a service that is widely offered to home owners. There is a reason behind this. The flooring industry as a whole, wants to sell more carpets. So if there is not a well-known service to repair your existing problems, then your only option as a home owner is to buy new carpet. If you are not in a position to buy new carpet, look for a service repair provider.

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